About Us 🫶

Established in 2021, Boof Baby was created for people like you, the remarkably unique. Each skin has been designed, hand-cut, and hand-coated with utmost quality and care. Because you, my friend, deserve the best.

Made from waterproof vinyl with scratch-resistant and fade-proof technology, our SKINZ add a unique and stylish look to your favorite gear while providing protection against scratches and the wear and tear of everyday use. Boof Baby SKINZ are sealed using an extra layer of defense with 3M™ vinyl laminate. Our peel-and-stick SKINZ are easy to install and removes cleanly without any adhesive residue. It's never been easier to show off your personality and style!

Woman owned and operated.

Return Policy 📦

Please email boofbabyla@gmail.com to report any damaged or faulty products with a picture so we can immediately send you a replacement. If you need to return an item due to an ordering error on your behalf, please let us know the situation and we're happy to find the right product to send to you. Please understand that we cannot accept returns after you have used our SKINZ because then no one can enjoy it. Returns and refunds may take anywhere from one day to ten days depending on the situation, but know that we will ALWAYS resolve the issue!

Shipping Policy 📫

We send all our items through USPS Priority Shipping with tracking. Cost is dependent on location, but is generally $3-$5. If your order says that is has been delivered, but you claim to not have the item, please contact your local USPS office as they may have most likely made a mistake on their end and will deliver your order shortly after. Item may take only 2-7 days to arrive!