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Boof Baby


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A little weird. A little spacey. Sometimes we're just like Galactic Goo, but that's what everyone likes about you.

  • Fits your PLUGPLAY

  • Premium vinyl for easy bubble-free installation

  • Coated with water-proof & scratch resistant membranes

  • Easy removal without any damage to your piece

  • Produced ethically and eco-consciously

Boof Baby SKINZ are the perfect way to customize your PLUGPLAY! Made from waterproof vinyl with scratch-resistant and fade-proof technology, our SKINZ add a unique and stylish look to your favorite gear while providing protection against scratches and the wear and tear of everyday use. Boof Baby SKINZ are sealed using an extra layer of defense with 3M™ vinyl laminate. Our peel-and-stick SKINZ are easy to install and removes cleanly without any adhesive residue. It's never been easier to show off your personality and style! Since 2021 Boof Baby SKINZ continues to be an American-owned and operated company with ethical and eco-conscious production in London.

    how to put on


    1. Place the top of the skin to the top of the device.

    2. To make sure it won't be wrapped on crooked, align the top of the skin with the bottom of the skin in a straight line on your battery.

    3. Then, wrap one side around your device.

    4. Before sticking the other end together, make sure it looks like everything is still aligned.

    5. Finally, wrap the other end to your battery and get to stylish smoking.